Leadership Team

Jennifer Glazer
State Coordinator for Nebraska
Lobbying Congress Co-Chair for Omaha Chapter
I am a school-based occupational therapist. I feel passionately about doing what I can for climate change and climate justice solutions. I feel it is the responsible and just thing to do to for now and future generations. Citizens’ Climate Lobby is the volunteer organization where I have found the resources, tools and empowerment I need to do my part.
Sandy Lehr
Omaha Chapter Co-leader
Co-leader for Grassroots Committee, and Group Development and Organizing Committee

Citizens’ Climate Lobby spoke to me with its emphasis on respect, non-partisanship and finding common ground. It has empowered me with educational resources and mentors with a voice that I feel comfortable using. CCL provides a path and a hope that the current climate crisis trajectory can be changed. I also serve as a board member of The Nebraska Nature Conservancy.
Frances Mendenhall

I help people who want to get letters to the editor published, and email alerts when there are opportunities to respond to climate articles in the newspaper. I also stay in touch with the meteorologists on our local television stations through Twitter. Generally, if it has to do with print or broadcast media, it’s probably my job. I’ve been working to fight climate change for 20 years. If we can’t get a Green New Deal, we will need to work on carbon pricing.
Steve Hultman

After taking care of YMCA Camp Hitchcock and Camp Pokamoke, both of which promoted outdoor education and teaching elementary students for 28 years, I see the need to take care of our planet. As our use of energy creates more severe weather events, we need to find new solutions for this ongoing warming of the atmosphere and oceans. This is for future generations.
Mark Welsch
Co-leader of the Grasstops Engagement Committee

The environment has been important to me for as long as I can remember. Growing up on a farm in southeastern Nebraska made me keenly aware of the weather – which is how we see the climate on a daily basis. Watching the weather, and thus the climate, change over the decades is why I support CCL. We have the best bill that will reduce the threat of the climate chaos that is negatively impacting my family’s farm.
Tracy Stanko
Co-leader of the Grasstops Engagement Committee

As a volunteer co-leader of the Grasstops Engagement committee, I work to generate support among community leaders for bi-partisan climate legislation in Congress. I see how effective and respected CCL is in Washington, DC, and I enjoy being part of a local team that is working on solutions to mitigate the impact of climate change.