Growing Climate Solutions Support

With Support, Nebraska’s Farmers Can Deliver Climate Solutions

Submitted by Kelli Jorgensen, Omaha

As the daughter of a farmer from Axtell, NE, I am very proud and always in awe of the time and effort our farmers put in with very little thanks or acknowledgement from many who just take their work for granted. But climate change, with its unpredictable precipitation, rising heat, and extreme weather events, is bringing uncertainty to our country and our Nebraska communities, including our agriculture sector. It’s time for Congress to act responsibly and enact legislation that will combat climate change and give farmers more support.

I am encouraged by a bipartisan group of Senators and House members who have introduced the Growing Climate Solutions Act. This legislation provides incentives for farmers, ranchers and foresters to engage in sustainable practices by helping them access lucrative carbon credit markets. This will make it easier for these groups to recoup costs for reducing emissions and carbon. The bill gives them assistance in developing practices that make them eligible for the credits.

I want to thank House Representatives Don Bacon for introducing this bill in the House, and Representative Fortenberry for co-sponsoring the bill. I also want to thank Senator Fischer for her recent co-sponsorship of the bill in the Senate, and want to ask Senator Sasse and Representative Smith to support it as well. We all need to be part of the solution for current and future generations. It’s not too late.