November 2019 Monthly Meeting/Movie

November 14th, 2019, 7:00 to 8:30 pm
Countryside Community Church
The Burden
The Omaha Chapter of CCL and the Earth University program at Countryside Community Church will be co-hosting the showing of The Burden.  The Burden is the first film to examine how America’s dependence on fossil fuels poses serious immediate and long-term national security threats – and how the military is taking a leading role in the battle for clean renewable energy.
We have three distinguished guest speaking afterwards:
   Bill Carle is recently retired from the Air Force as a Colonel and he led the 557th Weather Wing.
   John McCollister is a current state senator and has put important legislation about climate issues before the legislature.
   Franklin Thompson is a previous member of the Omaha City Council and a community leader and educator.
The Burden will provide important information that will lead into short comments by the three panelists, followed by questions and answers led by Kay Carne.