Volunteer Spotlight: Jennifer Glazer

For Jennifer Glazer, coordinator for Nebraska’s four Citizens’ Climate Lobby (CCL) chapters, the need to work toward climate solutions came from the next generation. Her oldest son, Grant, had a mind for it early on. “He was talking about this in the fifth grade, before anyone else,” Glazer said. She listened to her son as he learned more, his passion becoming hers. After learning about CCL as an outlet to take positive action, she jumped right in to take part in a Lobby Day in DC in 2017, along with her daughter Jane. Jennifer marveled at being able to watch her daughter find her voice, and speak to Nebraska’s congressmen.

As state coordinator, Glazer says the fun part of the job is getting to know others all around the state, hearing their stories, and connecting them to the resources they need to find their voices. Jennifer is the first coordinator for Nebraska’s chapters, tasked with making sure that each one shares its ideas, progress, and lessons learned with the others. Said Glazer, “It’s really important that we talk about our strategies, to learn what’s been successful so we can try to replicate that success.” It’s also important, she said, to share how much she’s grateful for the efforts by volunteers all across the state.

Glazer’s goals for all the chapters are strongly focused on building up the volunteer base for each, to increase the capacity for getting out into the community, and making presentations. CCL’s training resources make it easy for a new member to quickly become empowered to speak to community leaders and elected officials. With a larger member base, the chapters in Nebraska will have the manpower needed to connect with Democrats and Republicans alike to build buy-in for carbon fee and dividend legislation. A focus on building personal connections will be key, to help CCL stand out as a trustworthy organization.

Outside of CCL and professional work — Glazer works part-time as an occupational therapist — Glazer values her time with family. Grant and Jane, along with son Danny are all out of the house now, but when they’re together, they enjoy hiking, cooking, and playing tennis and other games. Jennifer also enjoys gardening, yoga, and meditation.

In Glazer’s opinion, one of the great things about CCL is that you do not have to be an expert to get started. If solving the climate crisis is something you care about, CCL is a great organization with which to make a difference. Along with the growth in membership in the state in recent years, Glazer notes that she’s seen all the members of Congress evolving in their views on climate. “There’s a long way to go, but there’s been a lot of change.”

Written by Kevin Fitzgerald