Watch Former Nebraska Senator Chuck Hagel describe how climate change is impacting national security and Nebraska today

On Tuesday Former Defense Secretary and Former Nebraska Senator Chuck Hagel testified before the House Oversight Committee about the national security risks of climate change.

“We no longer need to wait for more sophisticated climate models to project the security consequences of climate change,” Hagel stated. “We know what they are. The impacts of climate change are clearly evident today.”

Hagel described how climate change is affecting national security and his home state.

“Last month, floods in my home state of Nebraska severely damaged the runway and infrastructure of Offutt Air Force Base, home of Strategic Air Command,” said Hagel. “As a Nebraskan, spring floods are no surprise; however, these floods were the most extreme ever. Extreme. More extreme than anything we had ever seen. We saw record-setting flooding along the Missouri, Platte, and Elkhorn rivers–and across the Midwest.”

Hagel supports bipartisan cooperation on climate change.

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