We are building bipartisan support for climate action in Congress, and we need you on our team!

Who We Are

We are ordinary Nebraskans across the political spectrum lobbying Congress for climate action.

We Value


We welcome anyone who is serious about climate change.


We believe that people are good and that democracy works.


We build consensus with appreciation, gratitude, and respect.

Our Solution

We believe that a Carbon Fee & Dividend is the best next step in responding to climate change. We support the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act currently introduced in Congress. We are asking for our members of Congress to support this bill.

Get Involved:

  • Join Citizens Climate Lobby
    • Receive training from national educators and get local chapter updates via email
  • Attend a monthly meeting of our Omaha chapter
  • Volunteer to lobby your representative
    • Call, write, or meet our U.S. Representative in person. CCL makes it easy!
  • Top 10 Ideas for Climate Change Involvement